Space Cat Press is a Leicester-based press which publishes literature inspired by space exploration. In the spirit of early rocketeers, we start where imagination and curiosity collide. Our books are small crafts designed to cross boundaries of genre and story.

Space Cat Press is a collaboration between author Siobhan Logan and editor Darragh Logan-Davies. Inspired by the creativity and innovation of independent presses we have previously worked with, we have launched Space Cat Press as a non-profit venture. We hope to boldly go into spaces yet untouched by traditional publishing.

You can read an interview with SCP on the Future Fire website here: http://press.futurefire.net/2019/09/interview-with-siobhan-logan-darragh.html

Siobhan Logan

Siobhan Logan is a storyteller and poet. Her first collection of poems and non-fiction, Firebridge to Skyshore: A Northern Lights Journey, was sponsored by auroral scientists at the University of Leicester. This was performed at the British Science Museum, the National Space Centre and Ledbury Poetry festival.

Mad, Hopeless & Possible: Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition, was also published by Original Plus Press, whilst Philae’s Book of Hours was published by the European Space Agency. When not being led astray by stories or dodging the claws of an errant ‘space cat’, Logan teaches Creative Writing at De Montfort University.

Darragh Logan-Davies

Darragh Logan-Davies is a freelance editor who has always had a special place in her heart for the weird and wonderful world of speculative fiction.

She was first introduced to editing when her father, Nav Logan, asked her to beta-read his Storm-bringer Saga back in 2013. Since then, she has been the Head of Editorial on the 2018 ROPES team, graduated with a publishing masters, and become a freelance copy editor.