A Month of Otherworldliness

It's been exactly a month since we opened the submission window for our second anthology and started accepting submissions based on the theme of 'Aliens & Otherness'. To mark the date, we wanted to discuss the theme a bit more and to catch those of you not on our mailing list up on our news.

Uncharted Constellations launch party

When we originally sat down to plan out the Uncharted Constellations anthology, we were expecting to have print copies for sale by June and a summer of face-to-face events to sell them at. Instead, the world went into lockdown and we had to go back to the drawing board, so to speak. Our face-to-face launch plan turned into a Zoom/Youtube crossover event and our paperbacks turned into ebooks. We are very happy with the final product, though it was a very strange experience planning a book launch without any physical copies of the book in question!

News: Hidden Stars

This week, we revealed our front cover design for Space Cat's forthcoming anthology, 'Uncharted Constellations'. We'll be trailing this book-rocket through our summer skies, before inviting you to a live launch on our new You-Tube channel on Sunday 13th September. But right now, we're going to part the veil of that purple gaseous cloud and take a peek at the hidden stars inside the nebula. Twenty writers made it onto the final roster and our Preface introduces each of them, along with some key themes of the collection. As the back-blurb says, ' between the strangeness of space and the loneliness of long-distance missions, you will find the human heart refracted in a myriad of ways.'

Space Cat Birthday Special!

It's all party hats and helium balloons here in the Space Cat module this weekend! Bring on the LED candles and microwaved chocolate cake! We can't quite believe that it's only twelve months since we staggered onto the launch pad with our little indie micro-press. And we're delighted to be marking our one-year anniversary, not just with baked treats, but with a cover reveal for our first anthology. Step aboard for a peek!

A launch to remember

We had an absolute blast at the e-book launch on Friday and were blown away by the support we received from all of you. So, here's a huge Space Cat thank you for all those who liked and shared our posts, those who kept us entertained with witty comments and antidotes, and especially those who have taken advantage of the sale on our shop page and gotten their hands on Desert Moonfire at a discounted price.

Desert Moonfire Launch: Partying Goes On

So that was one crazy, fun-filled ride through space in a tin rocket! On Friday 29th May at 17.00 hours GMT, Space Cat Press hosted our first ever virtual book launch LIVE on our Twitterfeed. Our little module was crammed with space buffs and book lovers who had beamed aboard for the craic. Though we were buffeted occasionally by solar winds and broadband glitches, our trusty craft held true. Meanwhile, the ship's cat skedaddled into a corner for a nap. Huge thanks to all who joined us for the book party. And it's not over yet ...

SCP NEWS: Prizes, Giveaways & Discounts for E-launch

It's Day 16 of our countdown to the virtual launch of Space Cat's first e-book; Desert Moonfire: The Men Who Raced to Space. As the clock ticks towards our Virtual LIVE Launch on Friday 29th May at 5-6pm on Space Cat's Twitterfeed, we are buzzing with excitement. To celebrate the moment, we have a week of Prizes, GoodyBags & Discounts to share with you. Details below. Don't miss the fun and look out for us on Twitter at 5pm each day this week: https://twitter.com/SpaceCatPress


So what's a Space Cat to do with an extended quarantine to play in? With our destination set and course plotted, we couldn't resist a little shop dressing to boost crew morale. Next week, we'll reveal our new look online shop with lots of goodies to browse. Look carefully on Monday and you'll find a certain cat lurking amongst the merchandise. Do Not Stroke!