Space Cat Press is a small press that publishes one to two titles each year.

We are NOT currently accepting novel or poetry collection submissions.

Anthology Update:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to put work on our Aliens & Otherness anthology on hold for the time being.

The submission window will remain open past the original 31st May closing date for anyone who has yet to submit and we will update you all on the shortlist as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

— 28th May 2021

Submission Call:

Submissions are now: OPEN!

The theme for our 2021 anthology is: Aliens & Otherness.

You can get an idea what ‘Aliens & Otherness’ means to us on our Theme Breakdown page but we really want to see how YOU interpret it.

We don’t limit submissions to any particular genre. Whatever space inspires you to write – be it traditional sci-fi, memoirs, otherworldly horror, or something else entirely – we want to read it.

We hope to see submissions in the following forms:

  • Poetry
  • Short stories
  • Non-fiction
  • Flash fiction

We will pay a flat rate fee for each piece published in an anthology and offer a complimentary copy per author. The rate will be £5 for poems and flash fiction pieces (up to 1,000 words) and £10 for longer prose (1,000-3,000 words).

We value diverse voices and stories at Space Cat Press. We welcome submissions from underrepresented groups and would love to see some from people of colour, members of the LGBTQ+ community, working class writers, and those with disabilities.

Due to Covid-19, we are only releasing ebook copies of our books for the foreseeable future. 

How to submit:

To submit, send your piece(s) to: along with a 50-word bio and a list of anywhere your submitted piece(s) have previously been published. These will not be taken into account during the selection process but will save time later on. 

Please put the title of one of your submissions in the subject line of your email.

If possible, send your submission(s) as Word and/or PDF document(s) in a Times New Roman or Calibri font.

Please do not send us more than 3 pieces. 

Prose pieces should be no more than 3,000 words

Poetry should be no more than 40 lines long. 

What to expect when you submit to us:

Once you have sent us your submission, you can expect an email back from us within a few days confirming that we have received it. 

We will compile the shortlist after we close the submission window and will email you to let you know our decision as soon as possible. 

We put all our shortlisted pieces through a couple of rounds of editing to ensure they are the best possible versions of themselves and to format them in line with our house style. We will require all our shortlisted authors to make time for that process. So long as both parties are happy with the edits you have made, we will then put your piece(s) in the anthology when we publish it in the autumn. 

We will do about a month of prelaunch marketing before we publish the anthology and will invite you to participate in that as much as you wish. You can get an idea of how we promote our anthologies and authors in this review of last year’s launch

Our version of the publication process is very collaborative and we hope you find that as valuable as we do.