Abida Akram

Abida Akram is a 61 year old retiree. She has been writing poetry and short stories for many years, however, she only started sending her work out in 2021 during the pandemic lockdowns.

She won the £100 prize in the Writers’ Forum magazine in August 2021 for her poem ‘Contained’.

She has also had two poems on an immigrant’s experience accepted for an anthology to be published in 2023 by Victoriana Press.

Severed Souls Contributions

‘Could I confirm the name, please?’ tells the story of a woman who, tired of constantly having her name – that simple but fundamental representation of her identity – mispronounced, longs to escape to a different world. Here’s a snippet:

An old friend on the phone,
'Great talking to you, B!'
I always wanted to ask
Is that a consonant or
as in the insect?

‘That Rare Thing’ is a poignant poem about the disconnect many migrants feel in their home countries. Here’s a snippet:

She lived only in her head –
a foundling, a lost princess, her real parents
in a different realm.