Emma Lee

Emma Lee’s publications include The Significance of a Dress (Arachne, 2020) and Ghosts in the Desert (IDP, 2015). She co-edited Over Land, Over Sea (Five Leaves, UK, 2015), is Poetry Reviews Editor for The Blue Nib, and reviews for magazines and blogs here.

Uncharted Constellations Contributions

What became of the girl who counted’ is a tribute to Katherine Johnson, the gifted mathematician whose one star observation system brought Apollo 13 back to Earth safely.

‘What they were hired to do’ touches on the less glamorous reality of life back on Earth for prominent American astronaut Michael Collins. Here’s a snippet:

The third astronaut shunned fame. The moon’s done.
He looks forward to Mars. Heroes abound,
but don’t count astronauts among them, he said.

Severed Souls Contributions

‘A Sentinel Observes’ perfectly captures the debate around Oumuamua while also raising important questions about our planet’s future. Here’s a snippet:

By the time the scout returns home,
will climate change have ravished Earth?
Will its data tell the story of humans’ demise,
a soon-to-be vacant planet ripe for takeover?
Or does it see springs of hope, pockets
of compassion, chances of redemption?

‘The Yin of Mars, the Yang of Venus’ is an interplanetary party full of vivid imagery and references to real life conditions on both planets. Here’s a snippet:

Life is a nightclub:
drunken dances in time
with the lake’s motion
lidded by ice and populated
by shape-shifters

‘Tales of Bipeds’ tells the story of the fall of humanity from a spider’s perspective and is infused with wonderfully creepy insect detail. Here’s a snippet:

The world belongs to insects now. We arachnids thrive
mending our webs, feasting, mating. My spiderlings
will be rich, privileged with unchecked growth.

Other Publications Include: