Ivan Richardson

As a child Ivan was constantly building fantasy worlds and stories to go in them.

Born in Scotland, Ivan studied Mechanical Engineering at Leicester University. Ivan is also a member of Leicester Writers club which helped him perfect his skills. Ivan had four short stories published in 2021, with another two coming out in 2022.

Severed Souls Contributions

Following the Lines is about a young woman who believes she is an alien and that her ‘real’ people will come and take her away. But after years of waiting, she’s left with no choice but to take a leap of faith in order to prove (to herself and others) what she really is. If she’s wrong then she’ll die. If she’s right then everything will change.

Here’s a snippet:

She saw the lines, the blue and orange. They came from beyond, wrapped around the planet before flowing back into the universe. She could see along them and the many worlds they went through. She saw a world covered in red sand, insects poured from huge tree-like structures that grew out of the sand. The insects brought water droplets, as if they served the tree. Another planet had a never-ending ocean. Giant shadows moved below the surface showing the leviathans which lived down there. Other worlds had no life at all.