Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore is a previous winner of the Commonwealth Short story Competition and the Hart Crane Memorial Poetry Contest. Her debut psychological thriller The Woman Before is published by HQ Digital (Harper Collins). Her numerous children’s books, written under the name Jenny Moore, are published by Maverick Arts Publishing.

Severed Souls Contributions

‘Empty Vessel’ uses otherworldly language to explore how strange it can feel for an expectant mother to have her body transformed by pregnancy. Here’s a snippet:

She dreams the swollen throb of life 
beneath her skin

a waiting mothership – 
a vessel for the life within.

Judgement Call is a disturbing flash fiction piece about a First Contact mission that went horribly wrong. Here’s a snippet:

The pod splits itself open like an egg and there she is, her body an overblown balloon, stretching the thin silver skinsuit to its elastic limits. Shapes ripple beneath the shimmered surface – tiny waves of motion, like a foetus turning in the tight confines of its amniotic world.

Other Publications Include: