Katherine Franklin

Katherine Franklin has been writing fiction since the age of eight but spends most of her time these days writing code instead. Despite (and perhaps because of) having a physics degree to draw upon, she prefers writing the softer, fantastical side of science fiction.

Uncharted Constellations Contribution

Pathfinder is an exhilarating short story in which the fate of the world depends on an elderly Indian woman who embarks on a one-way mission to locate a new home for humanity. Here’s a snippet:

In the half light of the growing morning, I can see drones dotting their sides, artificial brains sliding along graceful paths from one plant to the next on the hydroponics panels. A city engineered to breathe. Too complex to exist earlier. Too late to fix anything.

Severed Souls Contribution

Speak of the Dead follows a badass nun with a doctorate in extraterrestrial communications on her mission to make contact with a sentient alien species. Here’s a snippet:

This tower stood apart, soaring skywards. Like the tower of Babel, had humans tried to stack each other instead of stone. And here I was, meant to speak to it.

Other Publications Include: