Monica Wang

Monica Wang has fiction in Electric Lit, Three Crows Magazine, Augur Magazine, and other publications. Her flash won The Sunlight Press‘s 2020 fiction contest. Born in Taichung, Taiwan, she grew up in Taipei and Vancouver, Canada, and now writes in Amsterdam or Exeter or wherever.

Severed Souls Contribution

Insects is told from the perspective of a woman with a crippling phobia, though it’s unclear whether her seeing insects everywhere is an irrational fear or the result of some traumatic experience. Here’s a snippet:

In the micropause beneath the automatic door sensor, she heard the screams. They sounded as likely to be human as … something else. Choosing to think one of the teens had injured themselves, Sheena hastened across the parking lot to the bus stop.

No One Reads Missed Connections Anymore But Here Goes is a personal ad with a manic twist. Here’s a snippet:

Currently pink hair. Will change it again soon. Visible skin condition (Nothing contagious! My bloodline's just hosting Them for a few generations).