Phillip Irving

Phillip Irving is a teacher and writer in Leicester, UK. He’s a Leicester Writers’ Club and Leicester Speculators member.  When not writing or marking he can be found at home with his cat playing video games or in his local, which his cat is also known to frequent. Twitterings:

Severed Souls Contributions

Translation is a short story about an alien who is sent to Earth to be implanted in a human body in the hope that our planet could be his people’s new home. Here’s a snippet:

Despite my removal from the whole, somewhere between my brain and my heart a facsimile of their emotional state has taken form and I can feel it, as if their state were my own. That they are patient, but that this is a formality now. A conversation that must take place, but the details of which no longer matter. They will hear me, but they no longer think me worth listening to. I am alone.