Rob Bray

Rob Bray lives and writes in Leicestershire. A member of Leicester Writers’ Club, he has had work published in The Best of East Midlands Writing anthology and two stories shortlisted in the Aurora short story competition.

He is currently enmeshed in volume two of a historical fiction trilogy.

Uncharted Constellations Contribution

In One Small Step, we relive the Moon Landing through the perspective of a young man who is inspired by the historic events (& his landlady) to make a big decision about his own life:

Severed Souls Contribution

Twitching follows a top-of-the-line android assassin who has learnt to appreciate the beauty around her as she fights for her freedom from her human creators. Here’s a snippet:

Valda glared after him, a spike of anger buzzing through her. The tip of her forefinger slid open and the injector spine emerged. How easy to follow him, place a hand on his neck then lay his body in the leafy dimness.