Sam Parr

Sam Parr grew up in North-West Leicestershire, in countryside man-made and wild. He is fascinated with the fantastical and the mundane of the day-to-day, and writes about these in the breathing spaces of his life.

Severed Souls Contribution

Follow the instructions in sinister flash fiction piece Backlands at your own peril, danger lurks among those peaceful pines. Here’s a snippet:

After some time, you will realise that this forest is not a forest. You will look between the perfect lines of trees, but you will not see tangled deeps, the other-souls of birds, Nature in its many-headed dance. You will see the ideals of the axes X and Y. You will stare at your hands and consider how hands like yours built this. You will lose yourself, of course. But instead of a labyrinth, you will be on a treadmill.