Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies is a writer who likes to dabble in the dark arts of spoken word and stand-up, having performed regularly at the Leicester Comedy Festival. She has published two books; a comedy literary-themed cookbook, Lord of the Pies, and The Last Chance Salon, a prose and poetry collection.

Severed Souls Contribution

What the worry monster knows is a gentle tale about a young boy who uses the familiar story of alien abduction to understand the changes he sees in his brother after the other boy goes into hospital for an operation. Here’s a snippet:

I know a lot about aliens. They zoom around in spaceships, exploring stars and planets. Sometimes they visit Earth and do experiments and stuff on people. Some aliens look like animals, or monsters with ten tickles. Some of them look like us, ’cept they’re grey or green, and have big heads and massive eyes, and really, really long fingers.

Other Publications Include:

  • Lord of the Pies
  • The Last Chance Salon,