Yevgeny Salisbury

From Anglesey, of English and Russian-Ashkenazi extraction, Yevgeny is a transman who only rarely writes explicitly on gender – he has one other published piece on the subject. He has had short stories in three anthologies and is currently writing several novels. He was once longlisted for the Fish Poetry Prize.

Uncharted Constellations Contribution

The Pioneer’s Dilemma is a gentle flash fiction piece with dark undertones, featuring self-aware androids in no rush to have their human masters join them on their promising new world. Here’s a snippet:

‘Yeah, yeah.’ He looked towards the window. It was a pleasant, sunny day. He wondered how it was on Earth. They never said, but why would they? ‘I’m going for a walk,’ he said. ‘I’ve got to think.’

Severed Souls Contribution

‘Adam’s Apples’ uses otherworldly language to explore how strange it can feel for a transgender teenager to have their bodies transformed by puberty. Here’s a snippet:

Where is the boy I used to be?
The man my soul swears he is
beneath these sci-fi horror lies;
illusion of a Daphne.