So what's a Space Cat to do with an extended quarantine to play in? With our destination set and course plotted, we couldn't resist a little shop dressing to boost crew morale. Next week, we'll reveal our new look online shop with lots of goodies to browse. Look carefully on Monday and you'll find a certain cat lurking amongst the merchandise. Do Not Stroke!

SCP NEWS: Two Small Steps

While the world shelters in place and planes are grounded, the extra-terrestrial business of space travel continues. Not least because we have astronauts awaiting their own deliveries in the splendid isolation of the International Space Station. Elon Musk’s private Space X company will join forces this month with NASA to launch a manned mission to the ISS. The Crew Dragon spacecraft will carry two American astronauts to the space station where they’ll test its potential to act as a lifeboat to ISS astronauts. Here at Space Cat Press, we can’t help feeling for those hard-pressed rocketeers and Mission Controllers as we move towards our own May launch. First on our roster is an e-book version of our debut title, 'Desert Moonfire'. And our 21 Day Countdown to a Live Launch starts here!

Review: The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet

Here in the Space Cat module, long stretches of time confined to quarters are not unknown. Between work rosters, we’re filling any downtime with books, boogying and binge watching. 2002 Firefly's rollicking western-meets-space-opera vibe reminded me of a book review I've been hoarding. 'The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet' is an exuberant space adventure in which the journey and the crew really ARE the point of the tale. It strongly reminded me of the ensemble casts of TV shows like ‘Firefly’ or ‘The Expanse’ with a dash of ‘Star Wars’ movie wackiness thrown in. So a fun, feel-good read for the apocalypse which will still leave you thinking.

A Change to Flight Plans

A warm hello to all our SCP readers & supporters. We hope you are keeping safe and as well as possible in these strange circumstances. Even as we are 'sheltered in place' and isolated, we Earthlings have never been more reliant on each other. Let's try to weather this global storm with as much grace and compassion as we can.

Space Cat News: Editorial EVA

So exciting to be sifting through all the submissions for our Race to the Stars anthology. It's been fun reading these independently and now we come together as editors to hammer out a shortlist together. Editing pencils at the ready!

News: A Space Window, an Award & an Astronomical Event

As the new Space Race gathers momentum with Elon Musk's latest launch of a 'Blade Runner Cybertruck', destined for Mars, Space Cat Press boldly pushes on with our own mission. This month we're celebrating our first book award, opening a submission window for our first anthology and speaking to local astronomers at the National Space Centre. It's busy up here on the star-trail!