Uncharted Constellations

In this space-themed anthology, twenty writers take the last Space Race as a launch pad to propel us far into the future. Uncharted Constellations crosses genres from dark science-fiction to lyrical poetry, via twists of flash fiction and fragments of memoir. And between the strangeness of space and the loneliness of long-distance missions, you will find the human heart refracted in a myriad of ways.

The Authors

Contributors: Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Emma Lee, James Walton, James Worrad, J.K. Fulton, Katherine Franklin, Kathleen Bell, Mark Goodwin, Mary Byrne, Michele Witthaus, Paul Rudman, Rebekah Tobias, Richard Urwin, Rob Bray, Rod Duncan, Sarah Doyle, Simon Fung, Teika Marija Smits, Tim Bombdog, and Yevgeny Salisbury.

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