Aliens & Otherness Shortlist

‘A Sentinel Observes’ by Emma Lee

‘Adam’s Apples’ by Yevgeny Salisbury

Backlands by Sam Parr

Bronius by Mary Byrne

Call of the Void by J.K. Fulton

Carrying Starlight by Sarah Fearn

Collected Works by James Walton

‘Digital Solutions’ by Liz Byfield

‘East Field’ by Liz Byfield

‘Empty Vessel’ by Jennifer Moore

Fish Child by Joanne Shaw

Following the Lines by Ivan Richardson

How to Honour a Beginning by Teika Marija Smits

Insects by Monica Wang

‘Interstellar Notes – Travel Warnings – Earth’ by James Walton

Judgement Call by Jennifer Moore

Live Specimen by Alex Harwood

‘Name’ by Abida Akram

No One Reads Missed Connections Anymore But Here Goes by Monica Wang

‘Side Effects May Include’ by Michele Witthaus

‘S.O.S’ by James Walton

Speak of the Dead by Katherine Franklin

‘Tales of Bipeds’ by Emma Lee

‘That Rare Thing’ by Abida Akram

The Yin of Mars, the Yang of Venus’ by Emma Lee

Translation by Phillip Irving

Twitching by Rob Bray

‘Undiagnosed’ by Michele Witthaus

What the worry monster knows by Sarah Davies