Race for the Stars Shortlist

+1 by James Worrad

‘67 Mentions of the Moon’ by Anna Kisby Compton

A matter of scale by Simon Fung

A short history of a universe in fold theory by James Walton

Always Carry A Spare by J. K. Fulton

Considering the Stars by Teika Marija Smits

‘Driving to the moon, with ghosts’ by Kathleen Bell

‘Earth Voyage 2019_Nos 3, 2, & 1’ by Mark Goodwin

‘Frank C Mars Creates His First Chocolate Bar’ by Anna Kisby Compton

Hero of the Soviet Union, Twice’ by James Walton

Hue of Blue’ by Rebekah Tobias

‘Laika’ by Sarah Doyle

Mother by Paul Rudman

‘Neil Armstrong’s Three Stage Punctuation’ by James Walton

On the Path of Comets by Rod Duncan

One Small Step by Rob Bray

Pathfinder by Katherine Franklin

Scattered Across the Stars by J. K. Fulton

宇宙競争 (Space Race) by Elizabeth Morgan

‘The Chequered Flag’ by Tim Bombdog

The Pioneer’s Dilemma by Yevgeny Salisbury

Valentina by Mary Byrne

‘Visible Spectrum’ by Michele Witthaus

Waning Earth by Richard Urwin

What became of the girl who counted’ by Emma Lee

‘What they were hired to do’ by Emma Lee

‘Yuri Gagarin in Dublin’ by Deborah Tyler