Review: The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet

Here in the Space Cat module, long stretches of time confined to quarters are not unknown. Between work rosters, we’re filling any downtime with books, boogying and binge watching. 2002 Firefly's rollicking western-meets-space-opera vibe reminded me of a book review I've been hoarding. 'The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet' is an exuberant space adventure in which the journey and the crew really ARE the point of the tale. It strongly reminded me of the ensemble casts of TV shows like ‘Firefly’ or ‘The Expanse’ with a dash of ‘Star Wars’ movie wackiness thrown in. So a fun, feel-good read for the apocalypse which will still leave you thinking.

THE SCALPEL Review: Spine-tingling Space-opera

Strap in tight and bite down on that Geode leaf. James Worrad’s space-opera, THE SCALPEL, delivers one helluva mind-bending trip through the galaxies. Every chapter opens new concepts, any one of which could power a whole novel. If you’re thinking you're in a Star Wars bar-room brawl with more inventive swearing and carnivorous dogs called Jaqruzzils, let me tell you, things get a whole lot weirder.