Review: AD ASTRA Movie

Does the world need another movie about a middle-aged white man riding a spaceship into the dark to save the world? AD ASTRA is a conspicuously old-fashioned film. Yet its weary dystopian mood belies the gripping space adventure tropes. The movie’s true subject is how the Right Stuff of Space Race heroism morphed into the Toxic Maculinity of our own age. As Brad Pitt pursues long-lost father Tommy Lee Jones to the ends of the solar system, the male heart-to-heart has never been more one-way or awkward.

News Updates: Lift-off for Desert Moonfire Book

Space Cat Press has been in orbit for two months now and what a blast it's been! We've put up five reviews, three blogs on space exploration in popular culture, marked two space anniversaries, and enjoyed an amazing day out at Edge Lit 2019. Now the countdown begins to our first book release. Desert Moonfire: The Men Who Raced To Space will be on sale from the 21st of September. Catch our series of upcoming launch events.