News: A Space Window, an Award & an Astronomical Event

As the new Space Race gathers momentum with Elon Musk’s latest launch of a ‘Blade Runner Cybertruck’, destined for Mars, Space Cat Press boldly pushes on with our own mission. This month we’re celebrating our first book award, opening a submission window for our first anthology and speaking to local astronomers at the National Space Centre. It’s busy up here on the star-trail!

Credit: NASA

We opened our submission window on Nov. 4th and this is running till Dec. 22nd. The theme for this anthology will be Race for the Stars! and we are looking for literature that is loosely inspired by the Space Race past or present, so by human space exploration. We’d like to see work in different genres – poetry, flash or short fiction, creative non-fiction – whatever you’ve got. There is a modest fee & contributor’s copy for all pieces accepted. You can see details on our Submissions page. But it’s well worth looking at our posted reviews to see what we like to read. And this interview with Future Fire magazine captures the spirit of our endeavour to bring ‘star-struck stories in all genres’ to our readers. Keep them coming!

Logo Design: Anya Maude

This week SCP author, Siobhan Logan, accepted an award for her book about Space Race Rocketeers. Desert Moonfire: The Men Who Raced to Space, traces the story of two rocketeers behind the Space Race – Sergei Korolev and Wernher von Braun. Blending non-fiction and poetry, Desert Moonfire captures the era when humans finally became a spacefaring species. Logan accepted the Trudie Dub Award for Non-Fiction at the Annual Awards Dinner for Leicester Writers’ Club. She said: ‘This community of writers has been crucial to my writing career. Everything I write is road-tested there and their insights and support have been invaluable. So I’m thrilled to see my book gaining this recognition from my peers and writing comrades.’

And finally, Siobhan Logan will be talking about the Space Race and reading from her book at the National Space Centre this coming week. She will be addressing Leicester Astronomical Society, who said: ‘ Siobhan has presented her space-related poetry a number of times in the past and we are very pleased to be able to welcome her back to mark the publication of her latest volume.’ Their meeting is on Tuesday 26th November at 7.30pm in the Challenger Centre, NSC (note change from usual room). All welcome. Non-members £1.

Do join us for this event. It would be lovely to hear from you. And don’t forget to root around for that story idea or space poem that just might fit our Race to the Stars! anthology. You could print your own bootmark on our space adventure.

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