J.K. Fulton

J.K. Fulton grew up at Scottish lighthouses and now lives in Leicester.

His stories have appeared in Shoreline of Infinity, Leicester Writes Short Story Anthology, Best of British Science Fiction 2018, Uncharted Constellations, and Dark Scotland.

His novels include The Wreck of the Argyll and The Beast on the Broch.

Uncharted Constellations Contributions

Always Carry A Spare is a space adventure fuelled by pitch-black humour with life-or-death stakes. Here’s a snippet:

Advanced Neural Navigation Module, we’re supposed to call them, but no one ever does. To the poor saps who fly these tin cans between the stars, they’re Z-modules. Z for Zombie. When you think that the most crucial component of a starship is a severed human head, wiped clean of all memories, and reprogrammed as a navigation system, it does creep you out a bit.

Scattered Across the Stars follows generations of scientists as they investigate otherworldly rocks during a century of meteorological encounters. Here’s a snippet:

‘I couldn’t say, sir,’ said Simpson, following Hume’s gaze skywards. But it was a marvel. Not that the rock had come across space, but that Hume’s gaze was fixed on the stars, and not on the rocks beneath his feet.

Severed Souls Contribution

Call of the Void follows a NASA astronaut as she goes out on a seemingly routine spacewalk and encounters an unexpected force that pulls her from the life she knew. Here’s a snippet:

There it is. A bright white assemblage in the sun, its multitude of solar panels enveloping it like a many-winged Byzantine angel. Salvation. But it’s so far away.

Other Publications Include: