Space Cat Press launch

‘Let’s Go!’

Welcome to the first ever post from Space Cat Press. We’re still a little giddy from lift-off and feeling the G-force. But after months of planning and tinkering with hardware, we finally got this rocket into the air. As Gagarin would say, ‘Let’s go!’

The Mission

Space Cat Press is an independent publishing venture, based in the Midlands, UK. Our goal is to publish literature inspired by space exploration. However, we mean literature in its widest sense. So SCP titles will cross genre boundaries, mixing fiction, poetry and non-fiction, to tell stories that transport us to other dimensions. We are a small press, planning to publish only a few titles a year. But we hope to boldly go into spaces as yet untouched by traditional publishing. And along the way, through our space-themed anthologies, we may fire new voices and stories into the ether.

The Crew

Space Cat Press is a collaboration between author Siobhan Logan and editor Darragh Logan-Davies. Siobhan keeps the ship’s log and plots a course for our creative output. And Darragh has very much been the Scotty of this venture, tightening nuts and bolts, and getting us out of scrapes. Think Firefly more than Space Odyssey 2001. We have both been inspired by working previously with innovative small presses. And with the 50th anniversary of the lunar landings upon us, this seemed the right time to get our own craft out into space. Our stowaway is the ship’s cat, Snowflake, who gets under our feet and eats any loose pages. Its only contribution so far has been to our logo.

The Badge

Every mission needs its badge. Our Space Cat logo was designed by local artist, Anya Maude. We think it captures both the ‘star-struck’ and the quirky sides of our project. This cool artwork will soon grace our merchandise, as well as our first title.

So for now, we’d like to welcome you aboard. Take a peek through each of our portholes. If you like what you see, pass on the word. Like, share, follow – and come back for more. See you on our next orbit!

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