Space Cat Birthday Special!

It’s all party hats and helium balloons here in the Space Cat module this weekend. Bring on the LED candles and microwaved chocolate cake! We can’t quite believe that it’s only been twelve months since we staggered onto the launch pad with our little indie micro-press. And what a year that’s been! After the highs of our Autumn of Rockets launching our first title, Desert Moonfire: The Men Who Raced to Space, came the buffeting of a spring lockdown. Like all small presses, we were knocked sideways but we bounced back in May with our first eBook edition and a Twitter launch. And thanks to you, it was an absolute blast.

Credit: Siobhan Logan

This time last year, we were joining in the commemorations of 50 Years since the Lunar Landing of Apollo 11. At the same time, we were aware that a new Space Race was gathering pace and we’ve seen some historic missions to the far side of the moon, new commercial rocket technology and ambitious plans for lunar colonies and crewed flights to Mars within the decade. With all that space fuel burning up in the ether, we wanted to see how it might spark the imagination of today’s writers. In November 2019, we put out a call for work on the theme of Race to the Stars. We were thrilled with the diversity of responses across different genres that you sent us. And after months of tinkering away in our workshop, we can break radio silence with some big news. So we’re delighted to be marking our one-year anniversary with a cover reveal for our first anthology:

Ta da! Here is the cover design and brand new title for our anthology, Uncharted Constellations. You’ll be hearing lots more over the next few weeks about the twenty brilliant writers and their sparkling fiction, poetry, flash fiction and memoir pieces inside. But before we part the gaseous trails, just take in the crazy colours and nebula haze of this luminous scene, as captured by NASA’s Hubble telescope.

Our summer’s schedule will be filled with tasters and trailers, and more competitions for you Space Cat friends to join in. And then, out of the embers of summer’s bonfire, you will see this book-rocket streak skywards during our online launch. As ever, keep safe and watch this space…