Space Cat News: Editorial EVA

Well, that was a busy and fascinating Sunday aboard our Space Cat ship. Chores done, Darragh and I settled down to a much anticipated editorial meeting. So exciting to be sifting through all the submissions for our Race to the Stars anthology. It’s been fun reading these independently and now we come together as editors to hammer out a shortlist together. Laptops and mugs of tea at the ready, we prepared to do battle for favourites and wrestle with Maybes and work out how these diverse pieces might converse with each other across a collection. Preparing for some tricky manoeuvres.

Credit: NASA

We are really pleased to see a complete array of genres and approaches to the theme. So we have poetry and flash fiction, memoir and short fiction, all adding something distinctive to the mix. Plenty of nods back to the Sixties Space Race but also futuristic and fantastic stories that take us out beyond Earth orbit and our own moment. And it was surprisingly easy to reach agreement about our shortlist. No blood was drawn. Yaay!

Design: Anya Maude

We’re now going to work through edits on the submissions. With most of the shortlisted pieces, we’ll suggest edits to help polish these pieces and ensure they work together within the anthology. So we hope to post up that shortlist soon and contact those writers with our editing requests. But for now, thank you so much for your imaginative and entertaining and thoughtful responses. You delivered even more than we hoped for when we embarked on this Space Cat mission.