A Change to Flight Plans

A warm hello to all our SCP readers & supporters. We hope you are keeping safe and as well as possible in these strange circumstances. Even as we are ‘sheltered in place’ and isolated, we Earthlings have never been more reliant on each other. Let’s try to weather this global storm with as much grace and compassion as we can.

Credit: NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope Crab Nebula.

Many of you are turning to creative pursuits and books especially in these troubled times. On that, thanks to our undaunted posties and delivery folk, we are still open for business here at Space Cat Press. If you want to order from our Shop, just make your order as usual. If Paypal doesn’t work for you, use the Contact button and get in touch to arrange an alternative.

Credit: Darragh Logan Davies

However, we are making adjustments to the flight plan for our next publication. Work on our ‘Race for the Stars’ anthology is still going ahead but we have tweaked the timeline for it. The original plan was to have a print book launch around July and then release the e-book version further down the line. We did hope that the pandemic would have passed by the summer but ultimately decided it would be safer to postpone the print launch. In the meantime, we will be working on getting an e-book version to you in July and a print launch hopefully in October. And a big shout out to our lovely contributors who have been working hard with us on the editing phase of this project. We are really excited by the book that is emerging.

Credit: NASA

Finally, we want to acknowledge that many in our community of indie-publishers are hurting right now. It is a really tough time for all your favourite presses and bookshops with arts events being cancelled every day. And authors seeing their book launches fold, whilst many freelancers are watching their entire income stream disappear. So if you value the creative output and spaces these indies provide, do what you can to support us right now. Here’s a few things that can make a real difference:

* if you are saving money at home, maybe go online and order some great books from indies to help keep them afloat and you sane.

* if an author you like has a new book out, chances are they’re opting for an online launch. Share their posts and pop along to see what the craic is.

* Even a one line review on your social media pages or a book site can be a tremendous boost to an author. Doesn’t have to be a new book. Whatever you’re enjoying reading or watching right now.

So keep safe, be kind and let’s get through this. Catch us on Twitter or Facebook and give us a wave from your e-balcony. Stay in touch, people.