Desert Moonfire Launch: Partying Goes On

So that was one crazy, fun-filled ride through space in a tin rocket! On Friday 29th May at 17.00 hours GMT, Space Cat Press hosted our first ever virtual book launch LIVE on our Twitterfeed. Our little module was crammed with space buffs and book lovers who had beamed aboard for the craic. Though we were buffeted occasionally by solar winds and broadband glitches, our trusty craft held true. Meanwhile, the ship’s cat skedaddled into a corner for a nap. But SCP editor Darragh and author Siobhan were there to greet the partygoers and get the eBook edition of Desert Moonfire launched into the WebSphere. Huge thanks to all who joined us. You can still click over to our Twitter hashtag #DesertMoonfire and find the chat.

Space Cat Crew: Siobhan& Darragh

For music, we had our Astronauts’ Playlist, as suggested by you. We shared memories of the 1969 Lunar Landing and similar events (surprising how many of us had hazy recall of that). And we also discussed what space exploration meant to us today in 2020 (‘a frontier of knowledge’, said author Rod Duncan) and the enduring relationship between science fiction and space science. This was a recurring theme in Desert Moonfire: The Men Who Raced to Space. Plus there were Space Cat Competitions which are still going on till Sunday 31st May. Tweet us your suggestions on #DesertMoonfire hashtag, and you could win a SCP goodybag. We want to know your choices for:

* Best Space Movie/ TV Show

* Best Space Song/ Music

* Best Space Story

There are also two polls running on our Twitterfeed for the Best Space gadget and the greatest Space Feat. These were hotly contested at our launch party but this is what the polls are looking like so far. You can still change all that:

And after all the music, prizes and polls, out came the cake: a rocky moonscape with a teetering rocket and astronaut. Help yourself to a virtual slice – it’s allergen free and your favourite flavour.

Photo: Darragh Logan Davies

So don’t forget – you can still vote in our competitions and polls with prizes to be announced on Monday 1st June. We are also offering fabulous discounts on both the new e-book edition and print edition of Desert Moonfire Book on sale for our website shop at £1.00 and £5.00 respectively till June 7th. And if you’re feeling star-struck after the cake sugar rush – don’t miss another historical space launch on Saturday 30th May 2020. NASA and Space X are hoping to launch their Crew dragon mission if weather permits at 3.22pm EDT but that’ll be 19.22pm GMT in the UK. As our book rocket orbits the blue beyond, we wish them well on their journey to the ISS space station.