A launch to remember

We had an absolute blast at the e-book launch on Friday and were blown away by the support we received from all of you. So, here’s a huge Space Cat thank you for all those who liked and shared our posts, those who kept us entertained with witty comments and antidotes, and especially those who have taken advantage of the sale on our shop page and gotten their hands on Desert Moonfire at a discounted price. We’re leaving the titles their current prices (paperback: £5; ebook: £1) until Friday, 5th June if you fancy a copy.

Now for some fun housekeeping: the poll results and prize winner announcements.


The two polls we gave you asked for your opinion on 1) humanity’s greatest space feat and 2) the space gadget that has most benefited us. Here’s a pie-chart depiction of the final results:

Prize Winners

As promised, we have sent out goody bags for the best responses to our interactive tweet questions.

1. Best Space Song goes to Emma Lee for Babylon Zoo’s ‘Spaceman’.

There’s a playlist of all the entries on Spotify if you want to jam out to some space tunes.

2. Best space movie/tv show goes to Robin Triggs for ‘The Silent Running’.

We also had so much fun at the launch we decided to include some bonus categories:

3. Favourite Launch tweet exchange goes to Michelle Houghton and Rod Duncan for making us both laugh at this thread:

4. Favourite Launch tweet goes to Simon Fung for this response to the same query:

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