From Invaded Identities to Critical Comets: Our Next Two Publications.

Happy Friday, Space Cats!

We have some big announcements to make this month, including a cover & title reveal, a book launch date, and a series of shout-outs.

Alien & Otherness anthology

The new title for our ‘Aliens & Otherness’ anthology is Severed Souls.

The blurb reads:


From fragile identities to monstered invasions, from migration to metamorphosis, twenty writers explore the ‘Aliens and Otherness’ theme. In stories, poems and weird flash fiction, they expose tensions between Self and Them. Some express a deep-rooted yearning to belong. Others capture the horror of mutation. On planetary surfaces or more familiar terrains, these Severed Souls unearth an obsession with the alien.

Book launch

Between 2004 – 2016, the European Space Agency (ESA) chased a comet and studied its outpourings as it orbited back towards the Sun. Called the Rosetta mission, it unlocked secrets about how planets like Earth were born. In her upcoming poetry & non-fiction book (title TBD), Siobhan Logan celebrates this cometary space mission.

On 16th September, we will be hosting a spoken word performance/book launch for this publication. The event, Rosetta: Voyage to a Comet’s Underworld!, will take place at the LBC Depot as part of the British Science Festival.

Join us to relive one of the ESA’s boldest missions and be transported into the comet’s dark underworld.

Space Cat Stars

Starting next week, those of you who follow us on twitter will get the chance to get to know our Severed Souls anthology’s contributors. Each #SpaceCatStar will get a whole day (Wednesday or Saturday) dedicated to them. In the morning, we will introduce that day’s author with a shout-out. Then, in the afternoon, we’ll give you all a little taste of their writing style via a snippet of (one of) their Severed Souls piece(s). Finally, each contributor will get their own Author’s Page on our website.

Here are some of the lovely people that we’ll be introducing you to over the next ten weeks:

Space Cat Stars: Abida Akram, Alex Harwood, Emma Lee, Ivan Richardson, J.K. Fulton, James Walton, Jennifer Moore, Katherine Franklin, Liz Byfield, Mary Byrne, Michele Witthaus, Monica Wang, Phillip Irving, Rob Bray, Sam Parr, Sarah Davies, Sarah Fearn, Teika Marija Smits, and Yevgeny Salisbury.

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