Taking to the Skies Once More…

Hi there,

It’s been a while. 

Last weekend, the Space Cat team met up for our first meeting of 2022. Fuelled by delicious coffee and cake, we reacquainted ourselves with the progress we had made before we had to halt production and we developed a flight plan for the rest of the year. 

Space Cat Press meeting, 29/04/22.

Before we get into our plans going forward, here’s a quick rundown of why we have been radio quiet for the last little while. We went down with Covid in January and were completely out of action for about a month. Even once we were over the worst of it, our post-illness recovery was slow and neither of us were up to working on much of anything, let alone the publications we had in the works for Space Cat Press. So our little literary spaceship has stayed grounded for the last three months while we focused on our mental and physical health in the wake of Covid and a number of difficult bereavements. We apologise for any inconvenience caused, especially to those who have contributed to our upcoming anthology. 

Snoozing with Snowflake

Work has now resumed on Aliens & Otherness and we are happy to announce that we will be publishing all the pieces on our shortlist. Looking at them with fresh eyes, we are highly impressed by the quality of writing and are thoroughly enjoying shifting through them as we work out the order we want to publish them in. Overall, this anthology feels very different from our last one. Uncharted Constellations was a journey through the stars where each piece propelled you forward into another adventure. Aliens & Otherness feels more grounded, a reflection on identity and on the boundaries of one’s skin, country, world. We are aiming for a launch in October/November (exact date TBD) and are looking forward to sharing the finished product with you all then.

Aliens & Otherness Banner

In addition to working on the Aliens & Otherness anthology, Siobhan has written another nonfiction book and we are aiming to publish that at the British Science Festival this September. More details to follow…

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